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It's Better Than Trailers

  • Interaction with your child
  • Child has a better view
  • Able to ride on single track or narrow bike lanes
  • No dirt, dust, rocks or water thrown in child’s face
  • Better center of gravity
  • Smaller and easier to attach
  • Less expensive


It's Better Than Rear-mounted Seats

  • Interaction with your child
  • Child has a better view
  • Easier/safer loading and unloading of your child
  • Better center of gravity
  • Similar construction to rear-mounted seats
  • Easy to install
  • One adult can take multiple children for bike rides


It's Better Than Other Front-mounted Seats

  • More safety features
  • Easier assembly
  • Doesn’t sit so low that your knees hit while pedaling
  • Less expensive
  • Made in the USA


The iBert safe-T-seat Installs in Minutes

The patented T-bar system attaches to your bike in just two minutes. The seat can then be attached to the T-bar in 15 seconds. And taking off the seat is just as quick. Buy a second T-bar assembly for your spouse’s bike and you can switch the seat between the two bikes in a matter of seconds. Watch our instructional video to see just how easy installation of the iBert safe-T-seat is.

Will the iBert safe-T-seat Fit Your Child and Bike?

The iBert safe-T-seat is the most adaptable child carrier on the market today. It fits more bikes than any other front-mounted seat. A minimum of 3/4 inch is needed on the handle bar stem to accommodate the T-bar assembly.

  • Fits most children 1-4 years old
  • Fits most bikes, only needing 3/4" on the steering tube
  • The safe-T-seat will fit on some road bikes. There needs to be a minimum of 13 inches between the drops for the seat to fit between.
  • The recommended max weight is 15 kg. Above 15kg and the maneuverability of the bike may be affected.
  • Buy and try: if it does not fit, return it back within 10 days for refund